Contributing to extra-qt

We would gladly appreciate contributions from users and other interested parties. We also welcome reports of any issues with software or the clarity of the documentation, and ideas that might advance the core aims of the project.

If you want to contribute to the code, get in touch and check out some of the features on our backlog. If you want to poke through the code and make any changes, you’ll want to use poetry.

Installing a development copy

$> git clone
$> pip install --user poetry
$> cd extra-qt
$> poetry install

$> python examples/

Preferably, you can create an environment to do this in.

Working on a new feature

Development will follow A Successful Git Branching Model, albeit with the more standard branch names develop -> master and master -> release.

Please contribute new features on feature branches and issue pull/merge requests in order to make changes.

If you make a large change such as adding a new feature, please contribute or recruit a willing volunteer to make sure the adjustment is reflected in the documentation and tests.